The King’s School
White River

New Students Registration


Students who want to enrol for Grade 9, 10 & 11 must  hand in a progress report from
the previous year, as well as the most recent exam.  They will be invited to

write an entrance exam and interview.


     ~ If the student wants to take Mathematics / Science a proficiency test is to be         written in these subjects

     ~ Only students with academic merit and good behavioural reference will be

When returning the forms please make sure of the following:

1 - That all the details on the form have been filled in correctly.

2 - The parent/guardian’s ID document has been attached.

3 - The student’s Birth Certificate / ID is included.

4 - A transfer letter and an “end of the year” Progress report of the previous year and
     the last exam are included.
5 - The subject choices for the student.
     for Grade 10 - 11
     for Grade 7 - 9

Please note that the Progress reports must be an “end of year” Progress report and a copy must be handed in at the beginning of the year.